About the data

The ingredient database of foodcombinator.com is the result of an ongoing quest in finding the best food combinations. With the help of modern data analysis techniques, more than 1.5 million recipes have been analysed to extract the best combinations.

These combinations are being verified and fine-tuned with expert knowledge of professional chefs. Incorporating years of experience in the system.

In addition, you as a user of can also help. In the top of your screen you will find two randomly selected ingredient. What do you think, is it a good match? Use the buttons to submit your knowledge and help us improve our algorithms.
(This feature is currently not supported on mobile devices)


The Foodcombinator visualisation is very easy to understand. The selected ingredient is presented in the middle, surrounded by suitable combinations. The strength of each combination is represented by the distance to the center as well as the brightness of each ingredient. Where close to the center and bright ingredients indicate a better combination


Foodcombinator.com is developed by Sam Verkoelen